Happy New Year

Welcome to 2018!

Each year during the Christmas through New Years holiday week trading and the markets become largely illiquid with volatility falling to single digits easily. During this slow time, I like to look back at the previous year as well as think ahead to the upcoming year.

Market predictions per se are not the point here.  Rather, its about reviewing tangible tactical goals toward larger strategic objectives.

What did you accomplish? What did you miss? What did you learn? What do you regret?

In 2017, I went from a single blank text file to a full functional, profitable automated trading system.  

A project which I thought would take 3 months, barely went live after 12 months.  Along the way, I made pretty much every mistake one could make from simple to nearly fatal.  The system looks totally different than I originally envisioned.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll begin to unfold the system and breakdown the components to explain how it was built from a technology and business perspective.

One year from today, I want it to prove itself as robost and on going.  

We will find out together.

A Full Stack Trader

Full Stack 


–(Pertaining to Computer Science) Someone familiar with the entire application stack or layers required for building a web application

–(Pertaining to Trading of financial Markets)  Someone familiar with all stages of the Trade Lifecycle including both the business and technology components in the 21st century which makes trade execution, risk management, and profitability possible



–a person who buys and sells goods, currency, or stocks.


What is this about?

A long time ago on a trading floor far, far away independent traders and small partnerships thrived. They created robust liquidity as a critical function for the world economy.   If these people possessed the will, the intelligence and the drive, they could create a mechanism for themselves to rise up to the middle class and beyond.  They created real jobs for people.  They spread their wealth and knowledge into other areas of the community via investments, guidance and being a stable consuming force for goods and services.

In the post financial crisis environment, the markets and trading are dominated by a few elite players with an overwhelming capital base and technology arsenal.   This monopolistic take on trading has changed the dynamic and made it much harder for small players to operate and succeed. But not impossible.

Over time, this site will touch on many of the topics currently happening in the trading world.  From current events, new technologies, new trends and trading history we will help shape and dissect the attitudes, mindsets and strategies of Full stack traders.

The aim is help generate and enable a new generation of independent and small partnership traders to restore the markets to the more robust functions it once served.

Also, we’ll throw some Star Wars in there for good measure.